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Every year about 3,200 couples divorce in Delaware. Sometimes the process is quite brutal. Some of these end in obviously unbalanced decrees, with one side obtaining advantages in the areas of property division, child support, alimony, and custody and visitation agreements. Even when intentions are good, parties can be profoundly harmed in divorce agreements.

At Poole, Mensinger, Cutrona & Ellsworth-Aults, LLP, our approach is to protect our clients from this kind of harm, and to give them the best chance of starting over with hope for the future. From the onset we provide clients with a realistic assessment of their prospects and clear guidance through the procedural steps that lie ahead.

New Castle County Property Division Attorneys

Delaware is a no-fault state for divorce. This means that a spouse can file for a divorce based on the claim that the marriage is broken for general reasons of incompatibility, irremediable breakdown of the marriage or irreconcilable differences.

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Family lawyers Mary C. Boudart and Jennifer Mensinger serve clients throughout Wilmington and New Castle County, and frequently take cases from other parts of the state. We provide full-service representation in divorce cases covering all the issues that apply to your case:

When handling divorce issues, we attempt to establish our clients' goals and the best way to accomplish those goals from the first meeting. We also provide our clients with a realistic assessment of their cases and what they can expect as we move forward with their marital dissolution. In carefully examining each case, we provide our clients with compassionate and professional guidance throughout the course of the divorce and the handling of any related issues, such as property division, alimony (spousal support), child support, visitation agreements and child custody.

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