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Divorce, child support, child custody, bankruptcy, estate planning, elder law, probate — these are hard issues that determine what kind of life we live. They are hard in two different ways — emotionally difficult, and requiring great care as the family economy is stripped down and rebuilt in a new way.

At Poole, Mensinger, Cutrona & Ellsworth-Aults, serving Wilmington, New Castle County, Kent and Sussex counties, we handle your issues with great care, knowing how important they are to you.

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Family relations, finance and estate planning create a host of legal consequences. Whether you are contemplating marriage or divorce, considering adoption, filing for bankruptcy, or planning for the future, our attorneys can explain the laws that apply to your particular situation and help you to make informed choices for you and your family.

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Poole, Mensinger, Cutrona & Ellsworth-Aults, is one of Delaware’s most respected providers of family advocacy. Our attorneys combine over 50 years of experience and have the legal skills and the “people skills” to deal with your problem sensitively and effectively.

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Our attorneys have earned the respect of thousands of clients they have guided through these changes. Skilled in both the financial and the human sides of the law, we are proud to have helped so many Delaware residents to re-form and get on with their lives,

Creating A Better Future Through Energy, Intelligence And Persistence

Most times, the primary issues in divorce are alimony or spousal support, property division and, if there are children, custody, visitation and child support. When spouses agree on these family law issues, they can obtain a divorce without much difficulty.

In many cases, however, people who are divorcing or ending their relationship are in serious disagreement about finances and the care and custody of their children. These are issues that take time to work through. Our goal is to create a better future for your family.

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