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Losing a family member or close friend is very difficult. Whether you have known for a while or have just learned that you were named as the personal representative (sometimes called the executor or executrix) to handle the probate or administration of your loved one's estate, the task can seem daunting.

At Poole, Mensinger, Cutrona & Ellsworth-Aults, in Wilmington, attorney Jennifer Ellsworth-Aults will steer you through the process and provide compassionate guidance and direction so that you can make decisions and move forward knowing your legal responsibilities and the court rules. She will work to make sure you are aware of which assets are included/excluded from the estate, which debts need to be paid, and which beneficiaries are entitled to receive assets.

Our Probate And Estate Administration Services

In Delaware, probate can be a difficult and confusing process during what is already a difficult time. While every estate is unique, below are examples of the areas in which Jennifer as an experienced probate lawyer will provide assistance:

  • Determining whether full probate is needed
  • Recording the will with the Register of Wills office and prepare documents for opening an estate
  • Assisting the personal representative or executor/executrix in obtaining Letters of testamentary or Letters of Administration
  • Drafting the application to obtain a tax identification number for the estate
  • Preparing and sending out date of death valuation letters to ascertain account values
  • Preparing signature cards for estate bank accounts
  • Assisting in closing a decedent's bank accounts
  • Assisting in opening an estate bank account
  • Updating decedent's mailing address
  • Negotiating creditor claims
  • Assisting in extending decedent's insurance coverage to protect estate for home, motor vehicles, etc., until the estate is distributed
  • Assisting in filing life insurance claims
  • Completing Sworn Descriptive List detailing any expenses/liabilities the estate has incurred (such as burial or funeral expenses)

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