ATTENTION DELAWARE WORKERS DISPLACED BY COVID-19. If you are paying or receiving child support or alimony and your income has been affected by the loss of employment and/or hours due to the fallout from the COVID-19 outbreak, you may be entitled to a modification of your alimony or support obligation. Modifications are not retroactive and the Family Court will not adjust your Order automatically; you must file a petition with the Family Court seeking a modification. Our family law attorneys are ready to assist you in filing a petition to modify your support and/or alimony order. Please call 302-358-2679 and ask to speak with our family law staff to set up a consultation.

Handling Your Legal Services With Close Attention And Personalized Care
Handling Your Legal Services With Close Attention And Personalized Care

Assisting You With Your Estate Planning Needs

A well-thought estate plan allows you to fulfill your wishes when it comes to preservation of your estate, and distribution of your assets to the ones you love. Yet many individuals put off their estate planning needs until it is too late.

At Poole, Mensinger, Cutrona & Ellsworth-Aults, in Wilmington, our lawyers can provide you guidance and assistance regarding all of your estate planning needs. We provide affordable services catered to meet your individualized needs. This includes guiding you through the estate planning process and making certain your short-term and long-term wishes are met.

Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts, Advance Health Care Directives, Powers of Attorney, Adult Guardianships, and HIPAA Release Services

No matter the size of your estate it is essential to have a comprehensive estate plan in place. An advance health care directive allows you to make medical decisions about your care and name a health care agent in the event you become incapacitated. A power of attorney allows you to name an attorney in fact to handle your finances either immediately or in the event you become incapacitated. There are a range of trusts and estate plans that can be utilized to allow you to name guardians for your children and establish special needs trusts. A good estate plan will reduce the likelihood of disputes among your beneficiaries and will work to provide protection for your assets from avoidable taxes and penalties to allow as much of your estate to pass to your beneficiaries as possible.

Why A Special Needs Trust May Be Needed

Attorney Jennifer Ellsworth-Aults will work with you to protect your special needs child or family member from losing governmental benefits through supplemental or special needs trusts and other disability planning options that provide protection for their assets. It is essential that a plan be set up to prevent your special needs child or family member from being considered “over-resourced” which could result in termination of Social Security, Medicaid and other benefits.

Putting Your Needs First

Poole, Mensinger, Cutrona & Ellsworth-Aults, provides legal representation and services across all of Delaware. To speak with us and set up a consultation, please contact our law firm by calling 302-358-2679.