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Surviving Your Spouse: Understand Your Finances and Financial Rights in Widowhood

Losing a spouse shatters your world; it doesn’t have to ruin your sense of financial security as well. Basic estate planning can alleviate some of the burden and stress inherent in settling up affairs after the devastating loss of a spouse. You likely won’t want to think about money or have the wherewithal to make […]

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What Is Probate? – Legal Validation of a Will in the Court System

Probate is the legal process of defining a person’s assets, debts, heirs and beneficiaries through the court system after the person has passed away. I know what you’re thinking: “Doesn’t a Last Will and Testament take care of that?” In a word, “no.” But in some cases and for certain assets, you can avoid probate. […]

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Getting Married? Get a Will – 5 Reasons Why.

A couple looking ahead toward marriage is excited about new beginnings. As they embark on their life together, they have happy thoughts of putting down roots, starting a family and celebrating good times. Understandably, endings rarely come to mind, but newlyweds are wise to spend some time on estate planning and creating a will. Fewer […]

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