Skilled Attorneys Advocating For You In Foreclosure Defense

You’re in debt and behind on paying crucial bills, including your mortgage. You want to save your home, but fear that you may lose it in foreclosure proceedings. In your situation, you feel helpless.

If you are struggling with debt, it’s time to contact a skilled bankruptcy attorney who can explain the best options in foreclosure defense as you try to keep your home. Poole, Mensinger, Cutrona & Ellsworth-Aults, in Wilmington, Delaware, is a team of attorneys with decades of experience. We are effective, understanding and will provide you with the one-on-one attention that you deserve.

The Options We Can Take To Help You

If you find yourself in this situation, you must understand that you have rights and options. Our assertive attorneys will advocate for you in negotiating with mortgage lenders and servicers in your effort to save your home. Here are some of the ways in which we can help you in foreclosure defense matters:

  • Lender mistakes: We can determine if the lender made errors related to your mortgage as well as the foreclosure proceedings and take legal action.
  • Legal violations: Our attorneys can demonstrate whether the lender violated any state or federal law related to the loan and foreclosure proceedings.
  • Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy: By filing for this type of bankruptcy, you can keep your home and property as long as you abide by a court-ordered repayment plan that can last up to five years.
  • Loan modification: Typically, lenders will work with borrowers to try to keep them in their homes through loan modifications because foreclosure proceedings are time-consuming and costly. You may get better interest rates, reduced monthly payments and reduced penalties as well as a reduced principal on the amount you owe on the house.

With our team, you get an informed, assertive and empathetic group of attorneys. We will do our best to help you keep you home.

An Effective Law Firm; Call Now

If you have gotten behind on mortgage payments and fear that you may lose your home, we can advocate for you. Poole, Mensinger, Cutrona & Ellsworth-Aults, in Wilmington, Delaware, is a legal firm that understands foreclosure defense matters. We will guide you as you try to save your home. For a consultation, contact us online or call 302-428-0100. Se habla español.