Does my life stop if I file for Bankruptcy?

Short answer, No. Simply because you have decided to file, or are considering filing a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, does not necessarily mean you have to stop living your life. In fact, it’s just the opposite. The purpose behind bankruptcy is to give you a fresh economic start allowing you to start living your life without being held down by excessive debt and interest rates and fees. The laws were created to permit you to not only live your life, but to live it with a clean slate.

After you speak with a Delaware bankruptcy attorney, and if you make the decision to file for bankruptcy relief, your attorney will advise you that certain types of purchases which will no longer be permitted. These generally include purchasing with your existing credit cards and the spending of money on luxury goods. This does not mean that all spending must stop. You are permitted and expected to continue living your life, including paying for your expenses and necessary purchases. Food, gym memberships, tuition, entertainment, even replacing an old bed is perfectly acceptable behavior. Just because you have filed for bankruptcy relief does not put an end to your life’s spending, but there are certain rules which must be followed to best protect your legal interests. After you speak with a bankruptcy attorney, you will know what types of spending and purchases are permitted and which types are precluded. After speaking with your attorney, you’ll discover that for the most part it will continue to be “life as usual.”