How to use social media during your divorce

Since its debut, social media remains a normal part of everyday life for most people. 

For some, the need to post every event in their lives can present an unnecessary problem. You may benefit from making conscious decisions about social media if are currently part of a divorce process.

Do’s for social media use

Start by considering some of the things you can do on social media during a divorce. You should go through your social media and find out what you already have available for anyone to see. Change your privacy settings to make everything as private as possible during this time. Also, monitor what your children post online. Social media can have damaging effects on children, and you could be liable for anything they post while they are with you.

Don’ts for social media use

The don’ts for social media use are far more numerous. Some things you should avoid include:

  • Posting anything that could display your financial wealth
  • Posting anything about your children
  • Speaking negatively about your spouse, their legal representation, or anyone else involved in your case 
  • Posting your involvement in any illegal activity
  • Posting anything derogatory about family members
  • Posting about dating, partying, or drinking
  • Discussing your case online at all
  • Posting intimate photos of your spouse, especially without their permission

In general, it is in your best interest to avoid social media altogether. Make sure you think about any device that may contain social media information as well. 

The less you say online, the more protected you are.