Take Care of Yourself During Divorce

Divorce is stressful. Don’t neglect your mental and physical health.

Divorce can wreak havoc on your mental and physical health. And though you can’t avoid some of the stress inherent in the divorce process, you can take steps to soften the blows. Where to start? Take a deep breath, read this article, then follow the advice.

Hire an attorney

When looking to hire an attorney, do your research. Because the right attorney for your situation can make divorce less complicated. And the easier the process, the less stress you’ll endure. So, interview several attorneys before you choose. Ask how they approach each case. Do they work on collaborative divorce? Do they prefer to litigate? Are they experienced with going to court?

Make a cash stash

Sometimes, in an acrimonious divorce, one party will cut off their soon-to-be ex’s access to funds. So, it’s a good idea to start setting money aside if you’re thinking of divorce. Money worries compound stress, so you should take steps to avoid them if possible.

Hire a therapist

You can only benefit from a compassionate and unbiased person who will listen without judgement and help guide you through the numerous decisions you face during the divorce process. So, if you have the financial resources to hire a therapist, by all means do so.

Get by with a little help from your friends

You will need support from family and friends. Don’t shy away from reaching out. Seek advice. Ask for help.

Consider amicable divorce

No, “amicable divorce” is not an oxymoron. You might have the option to settle through a collaborative divorce agreement or even mediation. Collaborative divorce involves attorneys, divorce coaches and therapists who help both parties reach an agreement. Mediation involves only one third party, a divorce mediator, who helps spouses settle.

Delay major life decisions

So, let’s talk about the aftermath. Let’s not mince words, you’ve been through the mill. And now is not the best time to make big decisions and major changes. So, for example, wait six months before you decide to sell your house and move across the country. You get the idea.

Do things you enjoy

Rediscover activities you enjoyed before your marriage. Start new hobbies. Treat yourself to a vacation or a day at the spa. Take care of yourself! Enjoy life! Enough said.

No one aspires to travel the road that ends in divorce. But if you find yourself on that journey, go the extra mile to take care of yourself. It’s the best insurance against the wear and tear divorce can cause.