Taking care of yourself emotionally during a divorce

Leaving your spouse can be one of the most challenging times of your life. When you married, you probably thought the two of you would be together for the rest of your lives. People grow and change though, and sometimes legally separating is unavoidable.

Divorce can quickly become overwhelming because of everything it involves. There are financial considerations, asset divisions and special considerations if children are involved. While going through a divorce, it’s easy to lose yourself. That’s why it’s especially important to monitor your feelings and take care of yourself emotionally. Managing your stress can lead to a smoother separation.

Three ways to care for your emotional well-being

  • Don’t forget about your hobbies. Doing something you love can be a great way to get your mind off the turbulence in your life. If you don’t have an established hobby, it may be the perfect time to find something new to do. That could include picking up a new book, exploring a new location or binging on a newly released show. Indulging in a pastime can be a breath of fresh air when it feels like you’re drowning in anxiety and uncertainty.
  • Stay healthy. Divorce can be stressful, and that can take a toll on your body. Eating nutritious foods and maintaining an active lifestyle can help you stay in good physical condition. If your mind and body are healthy, it can help you deal with the ongoing tension you may be feeling. Stay far away from alcohol or drugs. You may believe they could bring a release for you, but they can compound any problems you are facing.
  • Maintain social ties. Friends and family make up your support network. Sometimes negative emotions can cause you to withdraw from those around you, but that instinct can be harmful. Talking about your problems with those you trust can help you positively work through them. Going out for dinner with a friend can be a great way to unwind after a particularly trying day. Don’t hesitate to call or text someone when things get difficult.